Private Yoga lessons in Margate, Thanet and London

Traditionally yoga was taught on a one to one basis, or maybe in very small groups. There is good reason for this: people are unique and the way in which they will relate to yoga and their needs will always be different. For this reason, if it is an option for you I would highly recommend this as the best way in which to learn.

My main aim, through all of my teaching, is to help you understand your body, and your yoga practice for yourself. I aim to demystify those poses that elude you; mostly though, I just want to help you feel how good you can feel doing your practice with, or, ideally, without me!

How can I benefit from private yoga tuition?

For beginners it is a chance to familiarise oneself with the context, language and movements of an Ashtanga practice, ensuring one lays good foundations and giving confidence that one is practising safely.

For those who already practice it is a chance to go deeper, enjoying attention that one might not receive in a group class. It is a chance to refine and work on the specific parts of your practise that most need it, or indeed to be introduced to things which are rarely addressed in group classes.

I teach many different people with many different aims, below are some examples which may help to show that private tuition can be a helpful tool, no matter what your goals might be…

Ashtanga Vinyasa client

This is a ‘type’ of client which I am coming across more and more frequently. She came to me because although she was enjoying the group yoga classes that she was going to, she couldn’t help feeling that she wasn’t doing things ‘properly’, she felt she moved clumsily and couldn’t keep up.

Through sessions about once every four weeks we’re breaking down the basics of good alignment and technique, giving context and placing much more emphasis on how to do things and how they’ll feel when they’re right rather than look. Although we’re doing that through the Ashtanga sequence these principles are universal and so inform her practice when she goes to vinyasa flow classes elsewhere.

Yoga Therapy client (muscular dystrophy)

We’ve been working together since 2011, I travel to her home once a fortnight for sessions that aim to ease a great deal of postural tension, heighten awareness of her own body and how she can move functionally and effectively, breath awareness for wellbeing, and building a wide ranging home practice that supports her most days in between sessions.[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Ashtanga Vinyasa client (corporate)” icon=””]Another long running client who finds twice weekly sessions, at his office in Central London, ease stress and improve his health, fitness and wellbeing. We do dynamic sessions that help to combat a stressful and busy lifestyle, with minimal loss of time on his part as it is hugely convenient.

Ashtanga Vinyasa/Yoga Therapy client (functional scoliosis)

We are doing an introduction to Ashtanga, with weekly sessions at my Stockwell studio that not only aim to build a short and manageable self practice for her, but also incorporate personalised techniques and advice to lessen and manage the chronic pain that she experiences. Through this personalised approach she now feels much better informed on how to move through any yoga class, and so will be able to return to them too when she wishes.

Ashtanga vinyasa client (teacher mentoring)

Longer sessions held every 6 weeks or so, for a new teacher, to help continue their own education as both a student and teacher, to help keep her own practice going and a forum for any questions around teaching that might come up too.

Below are my rates for private tuition (London rates are between 15%-25% higher, depending on your location and the desired time of your appointment). I believe passionately in the effectiveness and benefits of teaching smaller groups. For that reason my fees are extremely reasonable, considering my level of experience – I want as many people as possible to feel that they can invest the time and money to bring yoga into their lives in a meaningful and independent way.

At your own home/office etc

Up to 2 students:£70 for a first session that lasts between 60-90 minutes

Multiple sessions:£325 for 5 sessions when they are paid for in advance (£65 per session)

Multiple sessions:£600 for 10 sessions when they are paid for in advance (£60 per session)

Larger groups:Please contact me to discuss pricing.

I offer a 25% discount for anyone who can come to me instead!

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